End of Year newsletter July 2020

We hope you will enjoy this new-format Newsletter: it is produced by our fresh new website, which we hope you will like as much as we do!  From September, the Newsletter will be sent out to you directly from our website https://holycrossps.schoolzineplus.co.uk/news.

Mrs Green and Mrs Everest have been busy delivering some exciting transition resources to our new Reception starters for September, and we’d like to take this opportunity to officially welcome our new families to the Holy Cross family!

At the other end of our school, we sadly say farewell to our fantastic Year 6 pupils: we wish you a wonderful future at secondary school and beyond, and thank you for being such a special part of our community.  We’re looking forward to our Year 6 Leavers’ Picnic on the last day of term!

It has been fantastic to welcome back so many of our pupils this half term – we have absolutely loved seeing your sunny smiles, and learning together again.  We miss those of you who have not yet been able to return, and we are so excited to welcome you all back in September.  Throughout lockdown and school closures, many of you have worked wonderfully hard on your learning from home, and those of you still shielding have continued to delight and impress your teachers with your fantastic responses to the daily home learning tasks we’ve set.

We loved seeing your pictures from our Home Sports Week, and it was great that we could still stretch ourselves physically and have our much missed Sports Day at home at least!  Well done to our medal winners, and thank you to Mrs Griffin for organising this event for us!

We hope you enjoy this newsletter – from exploring the Black Lives Matter movement through art, to a fantastic book review challenge for the holidays.

Have a fantastic summer, and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 7th September (11th or 14th September for Mars class).

We had a lovely time saying farewell to our Year 6 leavers, with a presentation of leavers' hoodies and a Holy Cross bear to accompany our fantastic children as they embark on their next adventure. Our Governors gave commemorative bibles to mark the occasion. Families enjoyed a socially distanced picnic whilst the Year 6 children had a last chat and play on the field, signing school shirts and saying farewell to Holy Cross.

It has truly been a delight to share in these childrens' primary school journey, and we will miss each and every one of you.  We wish you all the very best in your new schools.  Come back and visit us!

Mrs Everest and Mrs Green are making lots of preparations for the new children who are starting at Holy Cross in September. As they haven't been able to meet the children and invite them into school before the summer holidays, they decided to do something special to help make the children feel part of the Holy Cross family.

They made each child a bag that had a postcard, notebook, pencils and lots of other little surprises! There is even a letter from one of the Year 5/6 buddies - they are really looking forward to meeting the children too!

Mrs Everest and Mrs Green then went around Uckfield delivering the bags to each child's home and said a little hello to all the new children. It was very exciting to see so many lovely smiley faces! They also set a task for the children for the summer. Once the bags have been emptied, the children are to collect items or pictures that tell their new teachers all about themselves and bring them with them when they start in September. Mrs Everest and Mrs Green can't wait to find out all about the children in the new Reception class. Don't worry if you have not yet received your bag... we still have a couple more to deliver!


Well done to everybody who had a go at Home Sports Week (29th July – 3rd July).  Huge thanks for sending in your photos: we saw so many different variations of the activities completed - you all showed great imagination and energy, and it was wonderful to see pictures of you enjoying your sports!

It was tough to decide on our winners but well done to these pupils.

Gold: Margot

Silver: Brooke

Bronze: Josh and Issy

Certificates and medals are on their way.  Let's hope we can have next year's Sports Day all together again!  Remember, exercise is good for the body and the brain.  Keep active - keep positive this summer!

Mrs. Griffin



Congratulations to our medal winners for Home Sports Week!

This week, we had a socially distanced awards ceremony, and the prize-giving even involved a home visit!  What strange times we are living in!

Well done to everyone who took part and joined our school community in this celebration of sport, fun and competition from home!


The Year 4 bubble have started studying four different female black artitsts. The artwork has given us a starting point for discussions around racism and the children have been participating in discussions about the Black Lives Matter movement. 

We started the week looking at Alama Thomas' expressionist artwork, and moved onto looking at Kara Walker's shillouettes.  Next week we will focus on Bisa Butler and Lorna Simpson. 

A reminder that Chartwells are increasing their charge for school lunches by 5p - to £2.10 - from September.  We use ParentPay for all school-related charges: if you do not already have an account, please contact the office and we will provide you with login details to activate your account.  We are a cash-free school, so even if your child is entitled to free school meals, it is worth registering for an account so that you can pay for any after-school clubs or trips your child may wish to take part in.

Parent Information
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At Holy Cross we promote a love of reading through our class reading areas, wonderful school library and interesting texts for Whole Class Reading.

I want to challenge my future class (currently Year 4 and Year 5) that will be Saturn Class next year.

Your challenge is to find the most interesting and unusal place you can read your favourite book in. It might be up in the tree you climbed, or reading a book whilst doing gymnastics... the options are endless (but make sure you are safe)!

Send in your photos to c.travers@holycross.e-sussex.sch.uk and I will display all the wacky places you love to read in our new classroom!

We know reading regularly with your child can make a massive difference to their progress. But it isn’t always easy to fit it in day-to-day.

Here are some easy ways you can make reading a part of every day:

1. Don’t worry about how long you read for. Every minute spent reading makes a bigger difference than you realise!

2. Don’t worry about what your kids are reading: recipes, cereal packets, Argos catalogues… it’s all useful! Keep books and other reading materials close by.

3. Reading to kids of all ages is helpful. If your little one isn’t reading by themselves yet, read with them.

4. Ask lots of questions: Who, what, where, when and why and ask them to summarise when you’ve finished.

We wanted to share a tool with you to help your child think and talk about the world around them. The TRUST approach can be used when you are talking about reading with your child.

T-take turns to talk about what you are going to read. Say things like: “I feel like reading a book with animals in it today. What do you feel like reading?”

R-recap what’s happened in the book as you are reading. Say things like: “Why do you think that happened?”

U-use lots of encouragement. Say things like: “You’re doing brilliantly today!", "What great ideas…", "Let’s keep reading to see what happens!”

S-share what you know to help your child. Say things like: “Have you learnt about…at school?”

T-tune-in and be interested. Say things like: “I didn’t know you knew so much about…!”


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We use Studybugs as our main source of contact with parents: it is vital that you ensure you download the Studybugs app to your phone and register so that you do not miss out on key information.

Parent Information
God of peace,
the end of primary school is a big moment for both children and their parents.
You know the worries in our hearts about what the new school year will bring.
Lead us, as we get to know new people and buildings.

God of blessings,
we thank you for the many happy memories we will take with us,
for what we have learned in the last few years, for the friends we made.
Help us always to find things that make us happy and give us a smile.

God of comfort,
we are sad that some things we have loved come to an end now,
the comfort of being in a school where everybody knows everyone,
the teachers we leave behind, the friends we will see less often.
Embrace us with your love and care for us.

God of forgiveness,
on some occasions we have been angry;
some people have hurt us and we have hurt others,
some things were not fair, sometimes we were not fair.
Make right anything that is still wrong,
give us courage to ask for forgiveness and readiness to forgive others.

God of surprises,
there is so much more to learn and explore about this beautiful world,
so much to get to know about other people and learn about ourselves,
and still much to discover about you.
Grow the love within us without which there is no true understanding.

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.