ParentPay began as a modest EdTech startup determined to make school life simple. The mission: to kickstart the cashless revolution in schools.

It all started in 2002, when a working parent and former teacher sought to help her school make life easier for parents. The solution? The UK’s first school online payments system. And with that, ParentPay was born.

Holy Cross are proud to launch ParentPay from November 2022, as our exclusive lunchtime selector and payment option.

This e-payment system will allow parents and carers to pre-book meals, through their ParentPay account, freeing up valuable teaching time in the classroom, and provide better clarity for children, their families and our kitchen staff to the school dinner selection.

Selections can be made up to a week in advance, but must be done by 08:30 on the lunch day, in order for the kitchen to start preparing the meals.

Parents are asked to use their ParentPay log in details, click on the 'Make Bookings' button to identify which days your child takes a meal. Save and pay - if applicable - it's that simple!

Making a payment is straightforward. Once you've activated your account you can make online payments and book meals straight away. Even if you do not plan to pay via ParentPay - if your child receives Free School Meals for instance - you must still activate your account to make your meal selection.

Please be advised that meal selection will be taken exclusively through ParentPay. It is imperative therefore that if you are expecting your child to receive a school dinner, that you use this service for meal selections.

If you are still yet to receive log in information from the school, please contact the school office.