In order to fulfill the RE Statement of Entitlement of:

In a Church school the pupils and their families can expect an RE curriculum that enables pupils to acquire a rich, deep knowledge and understanding of Christian belief and practice, this should include the ways in which it is unique and diverse. Parents can expect the use of high-quality resources. Pupils can expect that teaching and learning in Church schools will use an approach that engages with biblical text and theological ideas.’

At Holy Cross we have chosen to adopt the Emmanuel Project Scheme of Work for RE. The scheme of work offers an Enquiry Approach to RE and supports non specialist RE teachers to deliver excellent RE lessons.

The Emmanuel Project uses big questions as central to its approach. These questions are then explored in different ways.

Each Emmanuel Project teaching unit for RE offers opportunities to explore a religious key concept through the following areas:

  • Text or Narrative
  • Community Practice
  • Living

The focus on the areas above, plus the central enquiry approach, ensures that the six key strands of enquiry contained within the East Sussex Agreed Syllabus for RE are fully addressed. They are:

  • Beliefs teachings and sources
  • Practices and ways of life
  • Expressing meaning
  • Identity, diversity and belonging
  • Meaning, purpose and truth
  • Values and commitments

The Emmanuel Project’s teaching and learning approach enables learners to look first at a religious text before moving on to looking at the impact of this concept in the religious community and on the life of the individual. This reflects the SIAMS requirement for a religious curriculum which reflects a good balance of theology, philosophy and human sciences (strand 7 of the SIAMS Schedule).

The approach ensures there is a clear progression of knowledge and skills. The Emmanuel Project has clear outcomes for each phase of primary education which build on each other year on year so children know more and can do more.

Most importantly the Emmanuel Project provides support for teachers with their subject knowledge through high quality resources. Each unit includes detailed yet accessible subject knowledge advice for teachers around the key concept being explored. Detailed notes for the teacher also appear throughout each unit as well as suggested resources.

Please click this link, for the content of the Religious Education curriculum, that is taught throughout the school.