Our key areas of focus for school improvement in 2020-21:

Leadership and Management

1.1 To ensure that all teachers continue to adhere to the school’s “Expectations” document so that there is consistency across the school with regards to classroom practice, e.g. the effective management of learning behaviour, presentation of work, and effective feedback to pupils so that they understand the next steps in their learning.

1.2 To continue to develop subject leadership teams to ensure that the work on curriculum intent and implementation leads to good impact and that clear policies and practices are developed and shared.

1.3 To develop meaningful links with other church schools with the possibility of joining a formal partnership of schools in the future.

Quality of Education

2.1 To strengthen teaching and learning for SEND pupils by ensuring the curriculum meets their needs fully, leading to improved outcomes and enabling SEND pupils to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities and to apply what they know and can do with increasing fluency and independence.

2.2 To strengthen teaching and learning for pupils working just below the end of year expected standard so that pupils develop detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum and, as a result, outcomes improve and pupils achieve as well as pupils nationally.

2.3 Secure pupils’ outstanding outcomes by ensuring that teaching extends and deepens the most able pupils’ learning and understanding more effectively.

2.4 To improve teaching and learning by ensuring all staff adopt a systematic approach to assessment and ongoing observations of pupils. This will be an approach that identifies any gaps in learning, checks pupils’ understanding and ascertains what they can remember long term; driving clear feedback and informing focused future teaching to enable pupils to progress in their learning and embed and use knowledge fluently.

2.5 To develop a clear induction process to ensure that those pupils who join the school part-way through their education are well supported in their learning.

2.6 To ensure that all staff create a learning environment which is pupil focused and provides the necessary learning resources and learning prompts to support pupils to tackle sufficiently demanding work, matched to the school’s curriculum intent.

Behaviour and Attitudes

3.1 Secure pupils’ outstanding outcomes by ensuring that pupils attend regularly.

3.2 To ensure that all staff uphold the school’s high expectations for pupils’ behaviour by ensuring that all low-level disruption is addressed promptly and does not disrupt lessons.

3.3 To ensure that all staff provide support for pupils to become more resilient to setbacks, more willing to tackle new challenges and ultimately, more independent in their learning.

Personal Development

4.1 To address issues arising from the School Health Profile so that pupils will know which foods they need to eat more of to stay healthy and will understand the importance of keeping physically and mentally well.

4.2 To train teachers to deliver the Emmanuel Project RE scheme to provide opportunities for pupils to engage with views, beliefs and opinions that are different to their own.

4.3 To plan whole school events which support all pupils to explore the school’s motto and vision and participate in activities which develop citizenship and courageous advocacy.

Early Years Education

5.1 To provide ongoing support to teachers new to Reception to enable them to manage the EYFS curriculum and pedagogy in relation to the learning needs of their children.

5.2 To provide training and support for teachers new to Reception so that they are knowledgeable about the teaching of early mathematics.

5.3 To ensure that EYFS staff provide support for pupils to become more resilient to setbacks, more willing to tackle new challenges and ultimately, more independent in their learning.