Mrs. Connie Griffin is the Inclusion Manager responsible for special needs at Holy Cross, having completed the NASENCO qualification in 2020.  She is also the designated teacher for looked-after and previously looked-after children.

You can contact Mrs. Connie Griffin via the school office: [email protected]

As conveyed in our Vision Statement, we want all our pupils to imagine a positive future for themselves, trusting that they can achieve their dreams in life. Accordingly, we recognise and provide for a range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities by identifying and addressing them at the earliest opportunity. We actively involve parents and any external support agencies necessary in order to meet children’s needs. Parents who have any concerns about their child’s needs are encouraged to contact the class teacher in the first instance, who will then liaise with the SENCO.

Whilst a great deal of additional support for children goes on in the classroom, through quality first teaching, sometimes children will need a 'catch up' intervention. We have a number of staff in school trained in various evidence-based interventions. Some are done in groups, some are done on a 1:1, and the aim is to accelerate children’s learning in order for them to 'catch up' with their peers.

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SEN information report 2023/24